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New General Counsel and Executive Director


The Clients' Security Board (CSB) is pleased to announce that it has appointed Linda G. Bauer as General Counsel and Executive Director of the Clients' Security Board, succeeding Karen D. O'Toole who is retiring after thirty years of service to the Board.  Ms. Bauer has served the Office of Bar Counsel for more than twenty-five years, currently as Acting First Assistant Bar Counsel.  Previously she was in private practice at the law firm of Hill & Barlow. A graduate of Yale College and Boston University Law School, Ms. Bauer commenced her legal career clerking for Retired Chief Justice Herbert P. Wilkins of the Supreme Judicial Court.

The all-volunteer Clients' Security Board was established by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in 1974 to reimburse clients whose lawyers misappropriated client money. Funded by the members of the Massachusetts Bar through licensing fees, the CSB reviews claims and distributes funds, discharging bar members’ collective responsibility. For the last 25 years, the CSB has paid an average of $2 million per year to reimburse client-victims for their stolen funds.

“We are delighted to have an experienced ethics professional like Linda Bauer take the position,” said CSB Chair, W. Lee H. Dunham. “Karen O’Toole has been a national leader in client protection and a conscientious steward of the CSB. Linda’s extensive experience in the Office of Bar Counsel and contributions to the greater legal community give us confidence that she is the ideal replacement for Karen.” Linda will begin her work for the CSB on January 2, 2020.

For further information, contact (617) 728-8758

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