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Processing the Claim

The Board will promptly notify you it has received your claim form.

We will then confirm that we have jurisdiction over your claim and determine whether you must file suit against some third party to recover your loss. All claimants have an obligation to first exhaust all reasonably available civil remedies before the Board will act on a claim.

We will contact you or your lawyer if we need additional documents as evidence of your loss. Once the claim is complete, we will docket it and set it for a hearing as promptly as possible. The hearing may be based on the documents only (you will not have to be present) or it may be a hearing with you and possibly other witnesses giving testimony in person.

We will notify you of the hearing date.  The Board decides almost all claims within six to twelve months of the filing date.

The Board decides almost all claims on the date of the hearing. You will be notified promptly of the Board’s decision.

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